Belgium Chocolates

Belgium Chocolates Description

Belgium chocolate has pure cocoa flavor because no vegetable shortening is used. The origin and orientation of the cacao plantation as well as the de-acidification and roasting of the beans are all key factors in finding the right flavor. Belgian chocolate traditionally mixes cocoa paste, sugar and cocoa butter in varying proportions. Dark belgian chocolate uses the most cocoa, milk chocolate mixes n milk, and white chocolate is made be extracting only the butter from the cocoa. Pure cocoa butter is the fundamental ingredient. .

History of Belgium Chocolates
Belgium was introduced to the cocoa bean during the 17th century when the nation was ruled by Spain (whose explorers discovered the fruit in South America). Chocolate was first enjoyed as a drink rather than as a food and no where was there a more regal place to enjoy a drink of the dark mixture than in the beautiful Grand Place. That’s just where many a royal, artist and others of nobility experienced their first taste of chocolate.

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