French Memories french film crew2National French TV films at French Memories.

National French TV approached Anne and Jean Jacques to appear in a report on French bakers who settled in the US. It waired on TF1, the main French channel on Envoye Special, which is similar to 60 Minutes, 20/20, or Special Report. “So not a little local show, big deal for us.”

“They arrived on a Friday and followed us all weekend filming our life at home and at work. They asked lots of questions about how we came here, why, what we left behind. What is our life now, did we achieve what we wanted?

The girls were good about it and the customers were awesome! They answered all kind of questions and were not intimidated at all.

The crew filmed Jean Jacques baking and making croissants. Saturday night we judged a chocolate tasting at the Scituate Country Club for the Knights of Columbus annual found raising, so the TV crew came along and filmed it. Sunday our family went sledding, and of course the TV crew came along.

It was very intense and a lot of fun too!” – Anne

The reporter is Sophie and the cameraman is Adrien.